The largest Powerball jackpot - $ 1.6 Billion-was drawn on January 13, 2016.

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Navidad: get ready for the Christmas game right now! Details of the 2019 draw!

Navidad: get ready for the Christmas game right now! Details of the 2019 draw!

The tickets of Lotería de Navidad are being spread at the velocity of sound — two months left before the grand draw.

However, we are already waiting with all our hearts for the Christmas miracle, freshness and a premonition of something good.

December 22, Spain will host the largest national game in the world! We give you a unique chance to participate in this long-expected event.

Hurry to play — the number of tickets is limited!

Lotería de Navidad has been held annually for over 200 years without a single break, can you imagine that?

We’ve specified for you the information about the 2019 draw:

- € 2.380.000.000 Euro Prize Pool — it grows bigger with each year!

- 170 Jackpots are guaranteed

- The major prize is € 400.000, the second is € 125.000, and the third is € 50.000!

By the way, this year the tickets of the Christmas game are decorated with the painting “Madonna of the Rose” exhibited at the Prado Museum.

Don’t put Lotería de Navidad for later — time flies much fast!


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